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Are You Ready for Retail?

Congratulations!! You've just created the most fantastic, best-of-class, world changing customer relationship manager, inventory control system, business intelligence system, customer loyalty, social media management, etc. software and now you are ready conquer the world and sign your new clients who are RETAILERS!


Do you know RETAIL?


We are M&M Enterprises, Inc. and we have been doing integrations from world-class point-of-sale to all of these types of systems for over 20 years; including Constant Contact, Groupon, SkuVault, ClickSend, Zoined, Envoy, Exponea, Bronto, Listrak, etc.

Sadly, what we have found is that although folks have great expertise in their own area, they just don't understand retail. And the wrong time to find that out is when you are about to land that big deal.

What We Do

We offer consulting services to ensure that your solution WORKS WITH RETAIL.

It's pretty simple. Based on our years of experience, we:

  • Determine if your solution supports basic retail functionality.

  • Point out weak areas that can cause your solution to fail.

  • Prevent scenarios that can lead to fraud at point-of-sale.

  • Analyze your API against retail requirements.

If you have a solution that requires retail integration or are in the process of developing one,

contact us today.


We are M&M Enterprises, Inc.

We have been doing custom software development and integrations for Retail Pro® point-of-sale for over 20 years and have worked with retail in various forms since 1996.

We know retail.

Based on our experience with over a hundred integrations with external systems, we are now offering consulting services to help others achieve success in the retail space.

Contact us today to find out if we can assist you.


M&M Enterprises, Inc.

50 Geraldine Ct.

Sparks, Nevada 89441

Tel: 775-384-2514

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